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Coercive Region-level Registration for Multi-modal Images

Yu-Hui Chen, Dennis Wei, Gregory Newstadt, Marc DeGraef, Jeffrey Simmons, Alfred Hero

Notes: The paper will appear in International Conference on Image Processing 2015 (pdf).


We propose a coercive approach to simultaneously register and segment multi-modal images which share similar spatial structure. Registration is done at the region level to facilitate data fusion while avoiding the need for interpolation. The algorithm performs alternating minimization of an objective function informed by statistical models for pixel values in different modalities. Hypothesis tests are developed to determine whether to refine segmentations by splitting regions. We demonstrate that our approach has significantly better performance than the state-of-the-art registration and segmentation methods on microscopy images.


The code package of this paper are available on my Bitbucket or can be downloaded here.

The data used in the demo codes can be downloaded here.