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Lab and Software Resources

Lab Resources

  • Students in the Hero laboratory have access to several state of the art computers and printer. All computers have matlab with all the toolboxes that are provided by the COE in addition to mathematica and maple. These computers are:

  • High performance desktops:

  • High performance rackmount Servers: /> (1 RTX2080 GPUs) (2 RTX2080 GPUs)

  • Storage Server:

  • Web Server:

Software Resources

  • OAS shrinkage covariance estimator (Yilun Chen and Ami Wiesel) in python scikit-learn package. (.html)

  • Dynamic stochastic block models MATLAB toolbox (Kevin Xu). (.zip)

  • Intrinsic Dimension and Entropy Estimation in Manifold Learning (Jose Costa) matlab toolbox. webpage .

  • Multi-sensor landmine data visualization tool webpage