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Most of Hero’s publications are found on this personal homepage.

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Reproducible Papers

Our lab subscribes to the reproducible research (RR) movement. Because we understand and appreciate the benefits that may be gained by creating reproducible research, we have committed ourselves to maintaining individual web pages which contain papers, together with the code and data used to generate all results found in the papers. The inspiration for our stance on reproducible research comes in part from the Audiovisual Communications Laboratory (LCAV) at EPFL’s RR webpage.

The motivation for creating reproducible research is simple: so that we and others may reproduce the very same results found in our research papers. The main advantages of adopting RR in our lab are twofold.

  • RR will help our community by allowing for easy access of our code and data; this will ease the burden on a researcher interested in comparing her results with ours.
  • RR will help us in establishing a record of previous research, facilitating in the extension of previous results as well as in the maturation our work. The research maintained on the RR webpages will aid significantly in the task of comparing results (e.g. from an early version of the same paper to a later one, or when comparing multiple methods).

For more discussion on RR, we refer you to Jon Claerbout and his research group at Stanford University.