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Regularized graph layout MATLAB toolbox for dynamic network visualization

Kevin S. XuMark KligerAlfred O. Hero III

Version 0.1 (released February 26, 2012) Download (.zip)

Currently included in the toolbox:

  • Batch implementations of DMDS and DGLL
  • Demo of DMDS and DGLL on Newcomb’s fraternity data

The regularized graph layout MATLAB toolbox creates sequences of graph layouts, useful for visualizing dynamic networks. The regularization provides dynamic stability by keeping nodes belonging to the same group together and by discouraging large node movements between time steps. Two algorithms, dynamic multidimensional scaling (DMDS) and dynamic graph Laplacian layout (DGLL), which fall under this regularized framework, are provided with this toolbox.

A sample animation of Newcomb’s fraternity data created using this toolbox is shown below:

Animation of Newcomb's fraternity created using DMDS


Version 0.1

  • Initial release containing batch implementations of DMDS and DGLL with demo on Newcomb’s fraternity data